The Pilot Inside The Student

When I started my training to become a licensed pilot I was excited and looked forward to piloting an airplane by myself.

I started with the very basics of learning about the airplane, aviation, weather, and hundreds of rules and regulations.

My instructor started me off by having me taxi down through and around the hangars. I was wanting to get into the air but realized that I would have to learn to steer the airplane on the ground before advancing to the next lesson.

Soon we were taking off. I was on the controls following what my instructor was doing. Our first lesson included flying straight and level, gentle turns, and familiarization with the radios and navigation equipment.

The next eight lessons built upon the first lesson and soon I was piloting the aircraft with ease.

It was during my eighth lesson that my instructor had me land the plane and he got out. He said, “Give me three take offs and three landings and then taxi back to here.” He walked away.

I performed my three take offs and three landings and taxied back elated. I shut down the airplane and ran inside the terminal to get my instructor’s evaluation.

To my surprise he was watching a football game on the T.V. I asked, “ Did you watch my take offs and landings?” He said, “No, I would have never let you handle the plane by yourself if I couldn’t see the pilot inside you.”

He saw the pilot inside me before I saw myself as a pilot. Once I soloed the aircraft I saw myself as a pilot. He saw the pilot before I soloed.

Your networking experience is no different. You start off feeling your way through computer files, HTML, and writing article after article. All the time hoping you will be a success.

Then one day it will change quickly. You will go from a struggling entrepreneur to a successful online net-worker. Everyone’s moments will be different and because most can’t see instant gratification, most will quit and never realize their full potential.

So the choice is yours to make. I could have stopped my piloting lessons when I was overwhelmed or air sick or discouraged, but I didn’t, I stuck it out and now I have advanced ratings in aviation.

Make the decision today that you will stick it out. There is a successful networker inside you.

Remember, the pilot is inside the student or in other words, the successful net-worker is inside the entrepreneur.



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