White Knuckle Networking

When I was first learning to fly, I was afraid the airplane was going to crash. Therefore, I would hold the yoke, steering wheel, very tightly, as if by doing so, I would avert a crash.

My Networking was the same way. I wanted customers and sign ups so bad that I would concentrate and focus so heavily that I would miss the necessary guidance and the fun of networking.

That’s right FUN!

If you are struggling in networking and can’t get sign ups, you are probably trying to hard. What I would call, “White Knuckle Networking.”

I can help by showing you how to network and have fun doing it. But first you are going to have to quit being afraid that no one is going to sign up under you.

I can show you how smooth it is to get sign ups.

Interested? Then keep reading.

The 1st thing I had to do with “White Knuckle Flying” was to conquer the concept that I was going to crash. I overcame that by trimming up the airplane so it would fly itself. This is a normal procedure and takes a tremendous work load off of the pilot. You have to realize that the plane wants to fly. It is a happy plane if it is flying.

Your networking is the same way. Your MLM will work on its own power once you set it up or trim it to do so.

You do that by setting up your lead capture pages, writing short articles, commenting about posts on Facebook or forums.

In other words, you trim up your net-working business by setting up automatic procedures that will handle your prospects.

You also have to realize that your prospects may look at your opportunity several times before signing up.

Then again they may choose not to sign up at all. At this point you need to realize that there are plenty of other prospects who will sign up and you just have to get your article or comment in front of them.

Did you know that 5,500 people sign up for a MLM Opportunity in the United States every day?

That’s right! 5,500. Just the USA.

Are you targeting the 5,500 people or are you bombarding your friends and family or total strangers with your ads and hype?

Join a team of professionals and let them share with you how they built their MLM business

Don’t be afraid to take your Networking Business to the Sky. That is where us Pilots live.

Oh, I almost forgot. Click on the Link Please. Jerky Direct


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