Why I Have An MLM Business

I have tried man Networking Opportunities and have always believed in my MLM Company.

I used the product and encouraged others to join.

It has been met with dismal success and so I would get disgusted and quit, only to join another MLM Company and repeat the process by joining another MLM and repeat the process all over again.

I never had enough funds to afford a high-priced auto-ship and was therefore hampered by a lack of funds.

Thank goodness money was not an object or I would have spent several thousand dollars trying to succeed in Network Marketing. (Oh, wait I minute! I have spent over $10,000 in programs, training, and web design.)

One morning I had an interesting thought about Networking. Maybe it wasn’t the business, compensation, or the product. Maybe I was the problem.

Well, I am a likable person and just a red-blooded American. I even liked myself to some degree.

So the problem wasn’t specifically me, it was the way I was presenting the company, sales pitch, product, and all of the other hype.

Then, it became obvious. People join people because they like what that person is doing and the friendship.

The friendship may develop into a Networking relationship or it may not. Even if it doesn’t, there is still a friendship relation.

Why not visit my Blog and join my Newsletter List?

Your information is safe with me and will not be given out. It won’t cost you anything and I can give you lots of information and maybe, just maybe, by being friends, we can help each other.

I can even show you how to get a Free Auto Responder so you can start building your own lists or we can just be friends. (Since you are already at My Blog, just go to “CONTACT” at the top of this blog and drop me a note)


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