Hi There!

My real name is Terry Warner and I Go By My Nickname As “Oldfriend.”

I just thought that was a good way to be recognized and I am , in real life, a friendly fellow.

I started Networkig a long time ago. (Over 10 years) and tried every program, self help, and home based business you could think of.

It came down to ONE thing over all. YOU BECOME SUCCESSFUL BY HELPING OTHERS!

I am a retired Commercial Refrigeration Technician. I am also an instrument rated private pilot who supports his hobby by Networking Online.

You can contact me easily through Skype: terry.warner74 or take a quick look at what Your Opportunity Web Page Could Look Like If You Joined My Opportunity.

(Oldfriend’s Networking)

I don’t Spam or give your information out.

Thanks for stopping by.